We all love to have our morning cup of coffee. What if you could replace that with something that could also help you lose weight? Something that not only helps you, in losing weight but also in gaining energy? If yes, then yerba mate tea is the perfect solution for you. Yerba mate is being used in various different supplements these days. Many companies put trace amounts of this ingredient in their supplements, just to add one more thing in their ingredient list. However, many people in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay drink the real, pure yerba mate. Here is a short article that describes it, tells you where it comes from, any associated risks and how it helps you in burning and losing weight.

What is Yerba mate?

Yerba mate is a shrub which grows in South American countries like Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Yerba mate is also known by its scientifically name Ilex paraguariensis. It is also popularly called as mate. Typically, this shrub is handpicked, then blanched, dried and aged. After this, it is cut into very small pieces to be used for brewing tea.  Yerba mate weight loss is a very effective method to lose weight naturally.

Properties of Yerba mate leaves

Along with yerba mate weight loss properties, the leaves of yerba mate are also rich in saponins and polyphenols which help in stimulating your immune system. It also has significant anti-inflammatory properties.

How is it consumed?


If you want to drink a tasty tea then you can just brew its leaves and voila! A yerba mate tea is ready. It is a bit bitter though, when made with boiled water. So you can make its tea by steeping its dry leaves in the warm water. It is preferred not to make this tea at boiling point as it is where the leaves change its taste and hence become a bit bitter.

Yerba Mate Tea is picked in South American Countries

It is a popular drink in the South American countries such as Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. People in these countries, mostly in Uruguay drink it with a metal straw called Bombilla.

What is Bombilla?

The straw which is used for drinking yerba mate tea is called a bombil la. It comes from the Latin American Spanish language. This straw is made from various metals and is used mainly as a substitute for a filtered tea so that you don’t swallow yerba mate leaves.

Powdered form

You can also find Yerba mate leaves in powdered form. It is available in some grocery stores and on the internet as powder supplements. This powdered mixture is known as yerba. It is made from yerba mate leaves which are chopped, then dried and transformed into a usable powder form.

Weight loss pills

This form is popularly used for yerba mate weight loss. It is easily available everywhere on the internet. It is marketed as an antioxidant supplement or a weight loss supplement. However, it is recommended not to buy yerba mate in this form. It is due to the fact that even though they’re pretty cheap, they can’t replace the richness and properties of yerba mate tea. The active ingredient in these pills from the yerba mate is just caffeine. And caffeine can be obtained from a simple coffee also.

How does yerba mate help in losing weight or burning fat?

When it comes to losing weight, yerba mate is often suggested as a weight loss supplement. Yerba mate has an ingredient within it called as mateine that is quite similar to caffeine but without few of its side effects. This mateine in the yerba mate leaves can help in increasing your metabolism and in increasing your energy, hence burning fat as a result.

Yerba mate can also have a very relaxing effect on you. It can help in calming your emotions and this makes you less inclined to fall into overeating when stressed out i.e. stress eating. This outcome of yerba mate also helps in stopping any food cravings you might be having for unhealthy foods. Furthermore, it has also been found that yerba mate slows down the degree of gastric emptying. This causes dieters to feel full for longer periods of time and so they are less probable to overeat.

Yerba mate also helps in delaying the emergence of lactic acid in the muscles. It is a condition which many exercisers call “the burn”. A delay in “the burn” helps exercisers to work out for longer periods of time, hence increasing their capability to burn additional fat.

Yerba Mate is most commonly taken in the form of tea

Further benefits of Yerba mate

  • According to a research study conducted on small mammals,  yerba mate can actually lower blood the sugar levels and cholesterol levels
  • Yerba mate can also aid the body in producing more bile and softening your stool. This allows the body’s digestive system to function more smoothly.
  • Yerba mate even with being a stimulant can help you in sleeping sounder. This is a wonderful benefit because sleep is a necessary factor of a healthy life.
  • Yerba mate, unlike the other stimulants, doesn’t cause undue stress on the heart. Instead, it is actually very helpful to the heart and increases the supply of oxygen to your heart.
  • Yerba mate can also help in relaxing your blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation.
  • It is also thought to reduce the inflammation of lungs.

Precautions to be taken when consuming Yerba Mate

It is vital to discuss any risks when a discussion is being done about any nutritional supplement. Even though yerba mate has shown no serious health risks, some research studies have linked the long-term use of this shrub in large quantities, to the risk of having cancers of different forms such as oropharynx, esophagus, larynx, bladder and kidney cancers. So, it is advised to consult a doctor before prolonged use.

Yerba mate has various properties which help people in burning fat and in losing weight. But it is wise to use it in lesser quantities until it is proven conclusively that it’s safe for use. Hence it’s important to limit the use of this matter. If you have any questions regarding yerba mate and the effect it’s having on you, then you should consult your doctor.

Hopefully, These yerba mate weight loss study will help you to burn your fat.