Trends for women have been evolving since forever, be it fashion, makeup, occupation anything. The image of women has changed all over these years too, gone are the days when women were supposed to be skinny and delicate. The 21st century woman is strong and independent, they are not only mentally strong but also are physically stronger and powerful. The popularity of workout plans for women is a proof that women can compete in every segment of the world. A woman getting to the gym is a proof of the success of this new emerging trend. There are many special gym workout routines for women that help shape and tone their body. You can find several Gym exercise plans for women on the internet; these programs can be your guide for the perfect body. We are here to simplify the clutter and provide you with a guide to workout programs for women.

The sad news is that most women think that doing a little cardio workout daily can help them get the perfect toned body. It’s true that cardio workout can be very beneficial for losing all the bad fat, but it’s not the only exercise that you need. There are so many elements that need to be considered when planning a complete workout program for women, such as the use of weights, the diet plan and the gym workout routine. Many people think that gym workout palns for women are same as for men, which is not very true. Since both have a different type of bodies, their workouts are different too. Workout plans for women do have several exercises similar to men, which confuses and scares most women as they think they will gain pumped up muscles like men. But to all those women, they must know that a woman’s body doesn’t have hormones like men, so they have nothing to be scared of.

Five common wrong gym workout routines most women make

All workout routines for women used are not right, however, the getting fit is not very easy, there is a lot of work that you need to do. What every woman wants is a good body, they want to feel strong, feel comfortable with their body and on top of it all, feel good. And they want all this without spending hours in the gym. So is it impossible to get the desired body results without being a gym addict? Well, it is.

Gym Workout Routines for Women

There are some mistakes that make this process difficult and time-consuming. Well, you can learn all about these mistakes and make your workout plans more successful. But before all that you must know that workout doesn’t work the way the advertisement claim they do. This HuffingtonPost also shows The 5 Reasons women Are Not Seeing Results

1.     Choosing the wrong exercises for your body:

As said above cardio workout seems to be a women’s favorite workout routine. And there is nothing wrong with it expect for the fact that it cannot help you build your body. For getting a great body, it is important that you start strength training. Cardio exercises can help you lose fat and strength training exercises can help you build muscles, increase body density and gain strength. So along with your favorite cardio exercise, you must start some training sessions too.

2.     Not following a workout routine:

Body building and fitness are a complete science, you cannot just randomly start any exercise and think you will build a perfect body. Therefore you must strictly follow a workout plan for women as women have different body regions to target. You can either hire a professional trainer or you can follow any of the workout programs for women that can be found on the internet.

3.     Not lifting enough weights:

As said before, women have a misconception that lifting weights would make them muscular like male bodybuilders. But in reality lifting weight can actually help you gain strength. Beginners can start their workouts with light weights while with time you must increase the weight. The use of weight can double the effect of the workout. As a result, you will see quicker improvement and better results.

4.     Not resting enough:

If you think that exercising is all about getting a tougher workout than you are wrong. For getting the ultimate result, you must take breaks or rest during your workout. Doing tough workouts can fatigue your muscles. Taking periodic and calculated breaks can help your muscles recover. This way you would be able to do your reps properly the next day.

5.     No warm up session:

The biggest mistake that both men and women make in the gym is that they don’t warm up their selves. Warming up yourself before the workout will help you increase your blood flow, increase your body’s temperature and build a mind-muscle connection. Warming up ensures effective and safe workout.

The best weight loss Workout Plans for Women

Women, not matter how much they weight, are always willing to lose more weight. You can use these methods as the gym workout routines for womenThere is nothing a woman wants expect for weight loss. Staying slim and fit can make women feel beautiful therefore they always try to lose as much weight as possible. Some women would go on some very serious diet plan and starve themselves to lose weight. Starving yourself will only ruin things for you, there are safer and better ways for losing body weight such as workout. Here is the perfect workout plan for women that can help you target your body fats and loss all the weight you want to lose.

1.      Weight loss cardio:

The weight loss workouts aim to burn body fats and calories. And there is no better way to burn your body fats than doing cardio exercises. You can do any cardio exercise of your choice be it, running, jogging, swimming, hiking etc. This is one of the most helpful workouts plan for women


There are two types of cardio workout plans for women:

        i.            Steady-state cardio:

Steady-state cardio workouts are actually the normal cardiovascular exercises. Steady-state cardio exercises have the same level of intensity as your workout, therefore, you may have to work out longer.

      ii.            Interval training:

Interval training is shorter in duration. Since they are high-intensity exercises they can very easily boost your metabolism. There are higher intensity interval training exercises too, but for a beginner, it is recommended that they follow the regular interval training exercise.

2.      Resistance exercise:

For increasing the intensity of your weight loss workout you must do resistance exercises too. Resistance workout can help you lose all your body fats without destroying your muscles. Therefore resistance exercises must be a part of each workout plan or program for women. There are three resistance exercises that you must do:

  1. Core exercises.
  2. Upper body exercises.
  3. Total body workout.

If you already go to the gym, then you may know that these exercises are the basic element for any gym workout routine for women.

The muscle building gym workout routins for women:

Muscle building may sound extremely difficult but they are not. With consistent behavior and a little motivation, you can build body muscles like an athlete. There is a misconception that muscles can make one look like a man, while in reality, muscle building can help you get curves. Below are some very easy exercises that can help you grow muscles very easily:

1.     Squats


Squats are one of the most popular exercises for the lower body. The workout can help all four muscles of the quadriceps. There are many variations of squats; the most popular form of squats is the barbell Squat. Here is how you can perfect your barbell squat workout.

  1. For starting the workout you must stand straight and hold the barbell on your shoulders. Make sure your chest is up and your head should face forward. Stand at the hip width.
  2. Now bend your knees in a way that your hips go back as much as possible. Keep your torso upright to perfectly complete the movement.
  3. You must make sure you go as down as possible and then move up. Keep the weight on the front of your heels.

2.     Plank


Plank is a very effective way of toning your core. This is one of the great excersise plans for women. Planks are more effective than the crunches, as crunches can help you reduce the belly while planks can help you to your abs and even lower back. The best thing about the workout is that it doesn’t need much detailing like all the other workouts and it’s a very short duration workout too. This is an interesting gym workout plans for women.

  1. You must get into a prone position, while supporting your weight on your toes and forearms. You must bend your arms.
  2. Making sure that your body is straight, you must hold this position for as long as you can.
  3. For beginners, few seconds are enough, but with time you can increase the time or difficulty. For example, you can raise your arm or a leg.

3.     Bridges

Bridges also known as butt lifts are very effective for your glutes and core. You can either perform the exercise with weight or without weight.


Here is your guide for the bridges:

  1. For starting the workout you must lay down on the floor. You must bend your knees so that your feet are on the floor.
  2. Now try to raise your hips. Try to support your hips with your upper shoulders and heels.
  3. You must extend your body as much as possible, and then come back to the original position.
  4. When doing it with weights, you just keep a barbell on your lower stomach.

4.     Lunges


Lunges can help you target your quadriceps, thighs, and gluteal, the most targeted areas in a women’s workout plan. Again you can do the workout with and without weights, the choice is yours. For dumbbell lunges you must:

  1. Hold dumbbells in both your hands and stand straight.
  2. Now move one of your legs forward. Now with the other leg, which is stationary in the back, you must lower your upper body. Make sure that the rest of your body remains still. Remember that you must inhale while going down and your knee must not go beyond your toes.
  3. Now with the help of your foot’s heel, you must push yourself back up into the starting position.
  4. Repeat the movement for your other leg. You can do as many reps as you can.

This is easiest and benificial muscle workout plan for women.

5.     Push-ups

This is very helpful and old workout plans for women. One of the oldest and still effective workouts is push-up. You can start push-up against the wall, then you can do it on your knees and at last, you can follow the standard way.

Push Ups
Push Ups

You can also increase the intensity of your push up by adding some weight on your back. Here is how you do a standard push up:

  1. First, you must lie on the floor, with the help of your hand lifts your upper body. Make sure that your torso remains straight while you make the movement.
  2. Now while inhaling, you must lower your body so much that your chest touches the floor.
  3. Now breathe out and bring your body back up while you squeeze your chest.
  4. You can continue the upward and downward movement as many times as you can.

Gym workout routines for female are surely incomplete without the above-mentioned workouts. Workout plans for women can be more effective if the use of weights is increased. The above tips are such some good as the gym workout routines for women.  For getting fitter and stronger, you must not only workout but use the right nutrition, take appropriate breaks and make use of the right supplements to support your workout. If you think, you don’t have the time to follow this completely, then there are several workout programs for women on the internet that you can follow without disturbing your daily routine. Happy Workout!