One thing which is very important for completing any task is motivation. Motivation is the key, without this you cannot do anything. It’s the only way towards a happy and prosperous you, because if you will try to do something without actually wanting to do it, you will end up being frustrated and depressed. So it is important that you build some sort of motivation before you actually start doing anything.

Unfortunately, building this motivation is not that easy. You may have noticed that sometimes it’s just hard to find any sort of motivation within you. There are days when you just don’t want to show up or get off the bed or do anything, be it your job, homework or workouts, well especially the workouts.

When it comes to health and fitness people are usually very ignorant. They usually focus on their current health condition and ignore the long term impacts or about their future health. What is important for a consistent healthy life is regular exercise, and people skip it mostly, just because they are not feeling motivated enough.

Well, these days are natural, they are just some fluctuations in your life and you just need to face them the way every other person does. Since days like these would come into your life anytime, you must build a system to stop or overcome these days, or else you would actually destroy your own life and health.

Building your motivation source:

Not being motivated enough feels like a helpless situation; you cannot do anything about it. It’s not a disease to be cured or treated, so what is the way out?

Psychologist all around the world have been trying to find a way to compel this thing, unfortunately the conventional wisdom didn’t helped much, but there are some behavioral changes that can help you stay motivated and focused especially for your workouts and fitness goals.

There are mainly two sources or motivation for a person, one is intrinsic and one is extrinsic. The intrinsic motivation is your inside drive to do something. While the extrinsic motivation is the motivation you get from the external or the physical rewards such as a smaller size or better physique.

Intrinsic motivation is longer lasting form of motivation and is hard to achieve while the extrinsic motivation is easy to achieve and it can make you start the process, but they don’t last long.

The only way you can work is by combining these two and by making them work together. You can build your inner drive by practicing and using some extrinsic rewards or behavioral changes. These changes will trigger your extrinsic motivation, but with time your body and brain will get habitual of it and thus you will start following it as a habit.

It's a good idea to come up with a system that helps you stay motivated.

Tips and tricks to build your motivation:

As said above, for building the consistent motivation you must work on yourself. There are strategies and plans that can help you build the sustainable motivation for yourself and this article aims to introduce you to these amazing strategies.

Believe in yourself:

The first and most important thing that you need for doing anything is by believing that you can do it. Believing in you can do wonders; there are people who actually achieved the impossible by simply believing in themselves. When you trust yourself, you actually get the ability to do anything. A person cannot even pick a dumbbell, if he does not have that believe in himself that he can do it.

Therefore it’s important that you grow that feeling of self-efficacy in yourself. And here are some simple ways of doing it:

1.     Set up small goals:

For building the believe in yourself, you must first achieve something and for that you must set up small tangible goals for yourself. For example, if you are new to exercising, you can start with a goal of 15 minute walk, or 10 reps of a simple workout. Once you achieve it and get comfortable with it, you can increase the level, by increasing the intensity of your workout. Do this and gradually you will achieve more and more.

2.     Get yourself a completion:

Another way of building the self-efficacy is by finding a competition for you. Simply start working out with a friend, family member or your neighbor. Working out with any other person will help you stay inspired and motivated. Seeing others do better helps you do better. So pick up an exercise partner for yourself.

3.     Find a support:

For improving and growing it’s important that you find some sort of support and feedback from another person. Personal trainers and gym coaches are the best option for this. They will give you real feedback about your progress and this feedback will help you stay motivated and continue your workout.

Make a commitment:

Starting a healthy routine is simple, staying on it is not. There are days when you have to skip workouts and ditch your diet plans. But if you truly want to stay fit and healthy, then you have to survive these days too. And there is no better way of doing so by getting yourself into a contract.

There are so many ways for bounding yourself into a contract. You can either get yourself a written contract or simply join some fitness group. These contracts, bond you into following what you say, this way you will forcefully or willing follow your fitness plan. Usually in such contracts the person has to pay some sort of penalty if they skip or ditch any commitment they made, so it always works.

Make SMART goals:

Just setting up some goals is not the way now, you must set SMART goals. Which means your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. Simply saying that you will walk in the morning will not help you much, but by making your goal SMART you can actually make it more effective and easy to follow. For example, I will go for a walk at 7:30 for 30 minutes daily, sounds more energetic and inspiring.

No matter how healthy you eat and no matter how fit you are exercising is a must for every age and gender. Therefore make sure you do some sort of exercise every day, it’s the only way to stay healthy and fit.