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5 steps to find the right martial art for you

Today, due to changes in culture, martial arts are practiced for various reasons that extend beyond self-defense and military and law enforcement applications. People train to stay in shape, for competition, for health and longevity, for stress relief and to gain an indomitable “fighting spirit” among many other reasons.


How to Squat Without Destroying Your Knees

The squat is the king of weight training exercises. Yet, it’s also the cause of more knee pain than every other weight training movement combined. In fact, many people steer away from the squat rack for fear of ending up with knee replacement surgery. What most people don’t realize is that knee destruction is not an inherent part of squatting. The reason your knees hurt is that you’re using bad form and you’re not using the proper training aids.

Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast – The Definitive Guide

A healthy weight is the symbol of a fit and well-maintained body. Maintaining weight is extremely essential, but unluckily it is not very easy. This post will help you understand everything you need to know about your weight loss journey.

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5 Benefits of a Caffeine Free Life

Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in the nuts, seeds, and leaves of several plant species. It is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world in the form of coffee, drinking cola, tea, and chocolate. The effects of caffeine are often complex and sometimes contradictory. Some people do report some benefits while others exhibit adverse effects. Quitting caffeine may be quite difficult for some people but it is definitely the recommendable choice.

Lifestyle Choices

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Is your breakfast regular? It is seen that most of the people skip their breakfast because they are too busy in the morning getting ready for their daily work, while some say they are not hungry enough to eat anything in the morning. People who are doing this are harming their body overall as the breakfast forms a major part of our daily nutrition and keeps an optimum fitness level. It gives a jump-start for the day and people who are trying to lose weight or gain mass should definitely do it regularly.


7 Common Diet Excuses People Make

Dieting is the world’s most difficult task, who can say no to all the delicious and tasty food they see throughout the day. Why would someone trouble themselves and cook at home, when you can order whatever food you want online? Why would someone want to eat the same boring food at home, when you could eat delicious and versatile food from different friends.

7 Day Low Carb Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Low Carb Book Preview

Enjoy delicious low carb recipes for effective weight loss and improved health now!

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Low Carb Book Preview

7 Day Low Carb Diet Plan for Weight Loss​

Enjoy delicious low carb recipes for effective weight loss and improved health now.