Let’s get real, most of you embark on the fitness journey just to get rid of that annoying belly pooch, right? I understand that because that’s precisely where I come from. I was never overweight or clinically declared as obese; I just had a great deal of abdominal fat (or belly pooch) that just needed to be toned. But a little toning can go a long way if you’re obsessed with perfect abs and a strong “core.” But what exactly is a core, guys?

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The core isn’t just your tummy; it’s your glutes, your hips, inner abdominal muscles and abdominal muscles. You see, performing excessive crunches and sit-ups won’t get you any nearer to your body goals because you would be merely exhausting yourself in the process; it could even prove hazardous for your spine’s health. There’s so much more that you can resort to except tiring sets of crunches. To train your core muscles effectively, you first need to build a foundation by making your glutes and legs strong because all the muscles work collectively. Below are some exercises that you can perform without straining your abdominal muscles or spine more than necessary and still manage to tone up your abs.

Clam Shells

It could very well be the case that you have never heard the name of clam shells, but don’t hesitate; this exercise helps maximise the strength of glutes. Mostly, people begin training their abs without realizing that if they are unable to engage their glutes thoroughly, they’re inviting trouble. Severe backaches and weakness are a result of poor core training strategy, and we don’t want that for you, So, I would recommend adding an exercise in your beginner’s routine that would strengthen your glutes for relatively harder core training,

Bird Dog

By now you might be assuming I have a thing for exercises that have animal-names, but that’s not the case. The thing is, this exercise is exceptionally good at improving and maintaining your core’s strength. This exercise engages almost all the main muscles of your body to help it prep up for a core training fully. It helps curb the extension and rotation (hence good at increasing stability), and this like clam shells involves the glutes, simultaneously expanding the coordination level of your entire body. Is it kind of a hybrid or mashup of planks and the superman? If you’re looking for a workout that does it for your whole body, opt for Bird Dog with your eyes closed.

Tummy Vacuums

Another popular and necessary exercise to help prepare your core muscle for intense ab workouts, tummy vacuums ensure that you are finally able to engage your core thoroughly. Here’s the thing, your core has transverse abdominal muscles, which if not utilized might stop functioning partially or at all. This happens especially in pregnant ladies more often than men and women who stay very active. So, to engage your TVA, i.e., the transverse abdominals you should perform tummy vacuums regularly for your beginners’ routine. Doing this exercise is relatively simple and easy, all you must do is sucking in your abdominal muscles for as long as ten seconds, along with blowing all the air out. This produces a vacuum like sensation in your tummy. If the exercise hurts, you know you’re doing it right because it gives you that burning sensation in your stomach as your stomach feels like it is sticking to your spine.

Dead Bugs

This one sounds kind of cute and funny, but the effects of this exercise are matchless. This exercise tends to make both your front and back work in coordination, strengthening your trunk and hips for the crawling exercises. To perform this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor with your spine in a neutral spine. The knees and hips need to be at right angles while your palms pressed against your thighs just above the knees. All you need to do further is stretching out the right arm and leg while you pull your abs to your spine keeping the body straight, and repeat it to the left side. This is excellent for building stamina and strength to perform a cross-crawling activity.

Standing Ab Rollout

This is a fun exercise which requires a workout ball and preferably yoga matt so that the ball doesn’t skid off. You first need to stand straight, bend forward and keep the ball at arm’s length from your body. Lean at the ball and walk it out while holding your back straight and hips in line with your feet wide open about two to three steps apart. Keep leaning forward as the ball moves down your arms to the forearms, stop when it reaches the elbow while you support yourself at tiptoes. The last step is essential; you’ve got to keep your core engaged as you get back up by using your core and legs. Perform this exercise, twelve to fifteen reps.

Plank and Rotate

In my opinion, this is one of the best ab exercises out there once you have prepared your abs to carry it out. You need to start by developing plank stamina so that in the beginning you’re going to do regular planks for about fifteen days. Try planking on your hands because it is more stabilizing when preparing for this exercise. Now grab some five pounds dumbbells and hold them your hands as you go in a planking position, dumbbells resting on the ground. Remember to keep your wrists firm as this may hurt your joint. Now you’re going to lift your left hand to the ceiling while slightly rotating your body, your pelvis may twist, but you must keep it in level. Repeat this exercise on the other side, and this makes up one rep. Perform ten to fifteen reps and see the magic!

These are just some exercises to fire up your beginners’ core workout routine. Choose wisely and make sure you don’t injure your muscles in the procedure of getting the best abs ever!