Most people are aware of the benefits of exercise, and many of them spend some time for a workout in their daily routine. Some people prefer doing exercise at home while others like hitting the gym for a proper workout. Gym machines help people to make their workouts convenient. Also, there are some exercises that require a machine such as bench presses and leg curls.

The Best Exercise Equipment for Home

People who prefer exercising at home should consider some machines that are meant for the home. It is difficult to install every machine at home that you see in the gym. There is plenty of space in the gym, but not enough space at home. Therefore, it is possible to install only the equipment that takes less space and is useful.

Let us first check some tips to choose the right exercise equipment. First, we will check the cardio equipment and then for developing strength.

Considerations for Getting Exercise Equipment

Have clear goals

Even the best exercise equipment cannot give you the results if you don’t have clear goals. Therefore, you must have a clear fitness goal in your mind before choosing your equipment. For example, if you want to lose weight, you need to perform a lot of cardio and a few lifting workouts. So, you need to bring cardio machines to your home.

On the other hand, if you want to gain weight, you need to lift more with limited cardio. So, you need to bring fewer cardio machines and more weights to achieve your goals. Similarly, if you want to simply tone your body, you need a mix of cardio and lifting.

Amount of space

There should be sufficient space in your home to accommodate the exercise equipment. Unless you have a large room for a gym, homes do not have sufficient space for equipment. Therefore, it is better to free some space in your home to accommodate the exercise equipment. Also, it is best to bring only the machines that are compact and useful for your workouts. It will be challenging to find compact equipment, but spending some time on research will let you do it.

 Let us now explore the best exercise equipment for home use.

Cardio Equipment for Home


A treadmill is the most common equipment used in homes and gyms. It enables you to do a variety of exercises like a brisk walk, jogging, and fast running without the need to visit a park or ground.

The present-day treadmills are flexible and offer a less joint jarring surface. If you want to purchase a treadmill, you should look for one with a belt long and wide enough. Also, the frame should be sturdy with front side rails for safety. Moreover, look for the speed adjusted switch to change the speed according to your convenience. Some treadmills also come with an emergency stop device.

Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is another most used exercise equipment in homes. It does not require any instructions or training and is suitable for people of all ages. It offers you an excellent cardio workout and helps people to lose weight.

Although it seems like exercising your legs, it helps you shed weight from the upper body as well. You should look for a model that comes with a comfortable and adjustable seat. If the seat is hard, you can replace it with a cushioned one later on. A stationary bike is a wonderful equipment for full-body cardio.

Rowing machine

If you have enough space, you can install a rowing machine in your home gym. When you see someone using the machine for the first time, it will seem like they are exercising their arms and back. However, a rowing machine offers a good workout to your shoulders, back and legs. The machine occupies sufficient space on the floor. Therefore, you should bring one to your home only if you have sufficient space to accommodate the machine.

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Stair Steppers

A stair stepper offers a low impact workout that mimics the motion of climbing stairs. The machine is great for cardio lovers who want to lose weight or simply warm-up before exercise.

Beginners usually find it strenuous to workout on the stepper machine, but they become comfortable after some practice. People with joint pain or knee pain should not use the stepper machine as it may increase the pain.

Elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer is a machine that offers the movement of the entire body while exercising on it. The machine is best for people of all ages as it puts no strain on the joints. In fact, it offers a workout to the entire body and best to cardio lovers.

So, if weight loss is your goal, you must exercise on an elliptical trainer. If you want to buy an elliptical trainer, you should look for one with the handgrips as it works on your upper body too. Moreover, look for non-slip pedals, so that you don’t slip while using the machine.

Cross country ski machine

The cross-country machine might be new for many people, but it is another wonderful equipment for full-body cardio. The machine is suitable for kids, adults and elderly people as it is easy on the knees. You need to move your one foot forward to move the other back, while other ones enable you to move freely.

Some machines come with ropes while others come with fixed handgrips. You can buy a machine that seems convenient to you but do look for wide food beds for more stability while using it.

Now, as we have explored some of the best cardio machines, let us explore some strength training equipment.

Strength training equipment for home use

Ankle weights

Although these are optional equipment but highly beneficial for strength training. They are used for exercises like side leg raises and hip extension. Ankle weights come in sets of 5 to 10 pounds.

You should look for padded ankle cuffs designed to hold 1 to 5-pound weight bars in the beginning. After you practice for some weeks, you can add weights to your ankle cuffs as you progress. You can practice with a single cuff or use two cuffs as you feel convenient.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

These pieces of equipment come under the category of free weights. Dumbbells and kettlebells enable you to perform a variety of workouts at home. Dumbbells with padded centre bars are easy to hold and use. Similarly, kettlebells are also available with rubber or vinyl coating for safer landing and protect your body and house floor from damage.

You can find easy to use kettlebells and use them for arms and back exercises. You can use dumbbells for bench presses, shoulder presses, biceps and triceps exercises.

Similarly, you can use kettlebells for a variety of exercises, and the plus point is that this equipment doesn’t take much space in your house. You can store it in a small corner, store or cupboard.

Resistance bands and tubes

Many people prefer using gym machines and weights to perform exercises, but they underestimate the importance of resistance bands and tubes. In fact, these are the most convenient to use the equipment for workouts at home. The resistance bands and tubes come in various colours that indicate their levels of resistance.

Some bands and tubes come with padded handles that are comfortable to hold while others come with grips door attachments that you can attach to door handles. The attachments make it easy to perform exercises at any place. You can perform a variety of stretching and resistance exercises for arms, back, legs and core.

Moreover, as you can change the intensity of the exercise by adding or removing weights from a machine, you can change the resistance of bands by holding them closer or farther with your hands. Yes, the resistance of the bands and tubes vary by positioning hands or feet closer or farther on them before beginning an exercise.

Stability Ball

A stability ball, also known as an exercise ball is another wonderful piece of equipment to use at home. Users can perform a wide range of exercises with a stability ball. In addition, it helps you develop balance and stability in the body, hence the name stability ball.

You can perform workouts like squats, pushups, sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists and many cardio exercises using a stability ball. However, if you are using it for the first time, you will take some time to develop balance while doing exercises.

Adjustable Bench

An adjustable bench is the one which you can fold as per your convenience. Many companies provide foldable and adjustable benches which you can incline or decline as per the exercise you want to perform. These benches are useful for performing workouts like bench presses, inclined/declined bench press and shoulder press.

Moreover, you can use the bench for lifting free weights and leg exercises. The advanced benches come with padded surfaces for comfort and footholds for stability during workouts. Some also come with detachable barbell rod holders to place the weight.

Barbell Rod

A barbell rod is a must-have equipment for people who want to gain strength or body weight. Barbell rod helps you to put weight plates on both sides and perform the exercises like bench press, shoulder press and squats.

Moreover, you can perform bicep curls with a barbell rod by adding appropriate weights according to your strength.

Zigzag Rod

A zigzag rod has a zigzag shape in the areas where users hold the rod. The zigzag shape enables the user to hold the rod comfortably while performing the exercises like biceps and triceps curls. Moreover, it can be placed easily on your legs while doing tricep dips on a bench. A zigzag rod also makes it convenient to perform the rowing exercises for the back.

Barbell rod and zigzag rod are multipurpose equipment which can be used to perform a variety of exercises by loading the right weights.

All in One Gym

If you have a dedicated room for your workouts, you can buy an All in one gym for your home. It is a combination of several types of equipment to enable users to perform a wide range of exercises. The equipment is equipped with several weight plates, pulleys and handlebars like seated row, peck dec, lats pull-down and arm curl. Some All in one gym machines also come with leg curls and equipment for performing leg exercises.

These workout stations come with a user manual to help you understand how to use them. If you have used them earlier, it can be the best option for you. New users can read the manual and follow the instructions to perform exercises at your home.

Pilates Reformer

People who want to enhance balance and stability in their body can try using the Pilates Reformer machine. It is equipment with a bed like a frame and has a flat platform. The flat platform rolls back and forth on a set of wheels underneath when used by a person. There are springs given to choose any level of resistance.

There is a footbar at the end of the Pilates reformer that is adjustable. Users can use the footbar with foot or hand while using the machine. Also, there are straps with handles attached to the top end of the reformer. Users can pull the straps with arms or legs to move the flat platform while using it. The body weight and spring resistance can make the moving of the carriage more or less difficult.

Final Words

Now, as you know about some useful exercise equipment for home use, you can buy for yourself or help others. Companies like Redfit offer premium quality exercise equipment from multiple brands. You can bring the required equipment for yourself according to your fitness goals. Moreover, simply using the right equipment is not enough. You must consult a certified trainer and dietician to perform the right exercises and consume the right diet to achieve your fitness goals.