The benefits of kickboxing are countless. Whether your goal is to burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes or to tone every muscle in your body, kickboxing has something for you. The versatile nature of kickboxing is such that it not only proves to be a great workout but also more fun and less boring as compared a regular workout at the gym.

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Physical benefits of kickboxing:

1. Conditioning of the body

During a kickboxing session, you use your entire body. This tones all the muscles in your body by not only cutting the fat around your abs but also by making them stronger punch by punch. Instead of aerial punching, kickboxing requires you to hit pads. This makes you work your back and trim your waist even more. Each move puts your core to further test and requires more core power.  Every move in kickboxing tones a certain set of muscles. The kicks and the jumps tone the legs. The core area is toned by all the turns and every time you have to bend or dodge. The core area also supports all the other movement of the body. The shoulders and back are conditioned by all the punching and blocking.

2. Increased flexibility:

Kickboxing includes stretching, which increases flexibility
Stretching can not only prevent muscular injuries but also increases flexibility.

Kickboxing increases flexibility as performing various movements and sequences which are an important part of a kickboxing routine require a certain level of flexibility. In order to achieve such flexibility, anyone learning kickboxing, must at least stretch their muscles for 15 minutes before starting their routine. This reduces the risk of pulled muscles as well as improves muscles, ligament and overall flexibility. This improves blood and oxygen flow as well.

3. Improves agility, balance and coordination

During a kickboxing class, your core is put to test as abdominal tension is required to perform a set of kicks and punches. Over the time students get promoted from single punches and kicks, to combos. These combos require even more tension from your abs; increasing your balance and improving your posture. Continuously putting your body to such tests and having to react to instructions as quickly as possible works your reflexes making you able to move rapidly. This brings back the agility which is lost either due to inactivity or aging. Ultimately you feel more responsive and agile.

4. Weight loss:

Weight Regulation

The benefits of kickboxing in weight loss cannot be ignored. Instead of spending hours in gym, one can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes. Kickboxing has a certain cardio-conditioning element which is one of the most effective ways to burn belly fat. Belly fat is associated with diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Through kickboxing one can achieve a very intense aerobic workout. It works out all the major muscle groups, increases the heart rate and the overall oxygen intake. Aerobic exercise also proves to be better at cutting the belly fat by burning 67 percent more calories than resistance training.

Ultimately if a 150 pound person practices kickboxing for 30 minute they burn a total of up to 400 calories which is around one fourth of their daily calorie intake. You should make An Effective Exercise Plan to Help You Stay Fit

Psychological advantages of kickboxing:

5. Stress Release

Kickboxing Helps You in Releasing Stress
Kickboxing Helps You in Releasing Stress

The psychological benefits of kickboxing are some of the most overlooked values of the sport. Just like any other sport, kickboxing releases endorphins in the blood, which is a de-stressing hormone. After a hard day at work or over thinking everyday problems, these hormones are what your body needs. Practicing on regular basis can eventually improve your mood throughout the day and make you feel positive about life. Apart from that, you can always picture the punching bag as your grumpy boss or your unpleasant teacher and you’ll definitely be able to lower your stress levels.

6. Confidence Boost

The techniques learnt during a kickboxing class can give you a confidence boost. You know that if a situation arrives, you are capable of defending yourself. This fact alone can bring a change in your body language. You feel more confident communicating and people get impressed by this change. Your body language also improves when your muscles are toned and you know that you look good.

7. Gym-boredom


This is also a great benefits of Kickboxing. Kickboxing is a very effective way to eliminate gym-boredom as it reinvigorates your motivation to exercise. Kickboxing has a versatile nature and each day you’re doing something new. As compared to regular gym experience, this is more engaging and fun as it keeps your mind active, while receiving new instructions throughout your session.

Kickboxing can also keep you motivated as you can move your sessions outdoor, away from the same environment of a gym. Instead of listening to loud noises that “pros” make during their intense session and weight lifting music which are a subwoofer’s desperate attempt to get your heart pumping up to 128 beats per minute, you can practice on a beach or on a hill, listening to the chirping of birds or the soothing sound of the waves. This can play an important role in keeping your mind fresh during your session or refreshing your mind from the start.