Is your breakfast regular? It is seen that most of the people skip their breakfast because they are too busy in the morning getting ready for their daily work, while some say they are not hungry enough to eat anything in the morning. People who are doing this are harming their body overall as the breakfast forms a major part of our daily nutrition and keeps an optimum fitness level. It gives a jump-start for the day and people who are trying to lose weight or gain mass should definitely do it regularly. To explain it properly here are reasons why you should never skip breakfast.

Pin for Skipping Breakfast

1. Proper Overall Health

When we wake up we were like fasting for the past 8-10 hours and morning is the time to break that fast. It gives the energy for carrying out our daily routine. Some people think that not eating breakfast will help them in losing the extra fat and weight. But this is a huge misconception as starving ourselves will only slow down our metabolism and cause muscles to break down along with fat. So you lose your precious muscles also at the same time and you might become skinny fat. Having a healthy breakfast keeps you overall healthier and also regulates the blood sugar levels.

2. Immune-Booster

Vegetables and fruits are very rich in anti-oxidants and eating them will provide a protection from the viruses that causes cold, flu and other infections. Eating them in the morning as breakfast will boost and help in building the self-defense system of your body. If the immune system of our body is strong, then your fitness will be great and you will strong physically as well as mentally. The immune system will make your gut strong, hence all the nutrients in the food will be easily absorbed. This will keep all the health-related issues away from you.

The food is digested within your gut because of the microbes that live in it. Along with this they also control your weight, hunger, metabolism and immune system. Eating at the correct time will cause proper functioning of the gut. If your gut is strong, then it can be said that your immune system is strong and hence you will have proper health. Therefore, eat breakfast to make your gut strong, healthy and well-functioning.

3. Assistance in Weight Regulation

Studies show that your body weight balancing is greatly influenced by breakfast. If you are on a fat loss program, then breakfast skippers are less likely to lose weight than people who don’t skip. Having breakfast in the morning will prevent you from overeating during the later part of the day. Skipping it will mostly make you attracted towards junk food because of over-hunger. Also healthy nutrients are provided in a healthy breakfast that prevents weight gain. The hormonal balance of the body is maintained properly because of a healthy breakfast that causes proper weight regulation.

Weight Regulation

4. Energy Provider

When you wake up in the morning you are basically out of all the food that you have eaten the night before and you are actually using your stored energy. You will be running on fumes if you skip your breakfast in the morning. Your muscle will go into a catabolic state and will start breaking down to keep you going through your daily work. Also, it will become like 12 hours since you ate and this is not good for your health. The glycogen that is needed by the muscle will get depleted if you skip breakfast.

To feel energized in the morning fuel up your body with the right breakfast. Don’t have things that will give just a short-term boost. Instead of just having coffee and a muffin, eat foods that are rich in fiber, protein, and necessary fats like Greek yogurt, whole-wheat toast, eggs, and avocado.

5. Less Risk of Heart Disease

Breakfast is not only about nutrients. Studies have found out that there is a link between breakfast and some chronic disease. People who eat breakfast regularly tend to have less chance of getting a heart disease. People who skip breakfast are mostly who eat a lot at night. This causes the hormonal rhythms to change that in a long run leads to high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, etc. which in turn leads to heart disease. The health is degraded gradually by heart disease and overall fitness of the person will ultimately decline. Eating breakfast means healthy heart, which in turn means you can stay fit.

6. Increases Concentration and Focus

Once you have your breakfast you get a massive supply of energy that helps in proper functioning of the brain. Also, when you sleep at night your blood sugar level falls down and it gets replenished once you eat breakfast. This level of glucose in the blood helps the brain to function properly. You will be in the right mood and can easily focus on important tasks. You will be able to make correct choices when selecting your lunch and dinner. You won’t rush into junk and processed foods. You won’t have any mood swings and can easily follow your weight loss or muscle gaining plan effectively.

7. An Active Lifestyle

There is a lot of physical energy in the people who eat breakfast regularly. This helps them to do more exercise in order to keep the extra fat away or gain more muscles. According to a study it is found that the blood stream gets a signal when you have your breakfast. This signal indicates that energy is available in the body and this gives motivation to be active from morning to night. You will have clear thoughts and shear willpower to work on your plans so never skip breakfast.


These were the 7 important reasons why you should never skip breakfast. Remember ‘Health is Wealth’ and proper health can be maintained by proper food at the right time. Your body should never enter into a stage where it starts consuming energy from your muscles. Eat right, stay fit, enjoy your health and live your life each day to its extent with your family friends.