Dieting is the world’s most difficult task, who can say no to all the delicious and tasty food they see throughout the day. Why would someone trouble themselves and cook at home, when you can order whatever food you want online? Why would someone want to eat the same boring food at home, when you could eat delicious and versatile food from different friends.

Pin for Common Diet Excuses

One of the biggest reasons why people ditch diet food is the availability of the versatile and delicious food all around. There are so many café and restaurants all around the world, every corner has a café and a food store. Beside this, it’s the simple and easy way out, all you have to do is go into a café and eat. But unfortunately what people forget is that doing so can disturb their eating habits or their diet plans.

A balanced and controlled diet is very essential, it can help your body grow and develop. As it provides all the essential nutrients your body needs, plus it helps you in controlling your calorie intake. Even though balanced diet or healthy eating habits can help you in so many ways, people still find ways to ditch it. Below are some very common excuses that people make in order to skip their diet plans.

1.      It’s the lifestyle:

One very basic excuse that most people make is that eating this way is their lifestyle. It’s true that everyone is now eating the non-healthy way, and people use it as an excuse for the way they eat. People would say everyone in my house eats this way, that is why I eat this way. I can’t change it.

But it’s not the way, you need to change your habit. You need to say it loud and clear that you want to eat healthy and stick to eat. You can buy your food on your own, even make your family eat the healthy way. It is not easy, but it is not impossible, so give it a try.

2.      Restaurants are not an excuse:

Another very common excuse that most people make is that they have to eat out. Well if you do so than it’s not an excuse to ditch your diet. There are so many restaurants that serve healthy and nutritious food. You can always pick these restaurants to eat at, you don’t have to go the fast food stores all the time.

Look for healthier restaurants around your place, look for the healthy options when you order food. Switch your soft drinks with mineral water, avoid deep fried foods, go for steamed foods, they are healthier.

3.      I don’t have time to cook daily:

The easiest excuse for not cooking at home is that it takes time, people say they don’t have enough time to cook on a daily basis. It’s true that in today’s world cooking on a daily basis can be very tough. But here is a solution for this.

You can cook once in a week, store it in your fridge and use it throughout the week. You can include all the essential food elements in your week’s diet plan. You can include meats, vegetable and dairy products all in your diet, but do count and measure your daily intake, you don’t want o over eat, as it’s not healthy too.

4.      I cannot cook my own food:

The best way to continue your diet plan is by cooking your own food at home. Home cooked food is always healthy and safe, so try to cook your own food. People usually avoid cooking at home, by saying they don’t know how to cook. Well cooking is not a difficult science, everyone can learn it.

Simply buy a basic cooking book and try some basic recipes for starter. Once you are comfortable with the basic recipes, try cooking the other difficult recipes. By cooking your own food, you can control your calorie intake. Home cooked food is safe, and healthy too so, start cooking your own food and skip the unhygienic and unhealthy food.

5.      I don’t have time to measure the calorie intake:

It’s true measuring your calorie intake can be a little difficult. It’s not very easy to remember how much calories a food item contains, but there is an easy way out too.


You can find so many calorie charts on the internet. These calorie charts will tell how much calories a certain food item contains, so that you would decide what you would want to eat and what you would want to eat it with. There are also calorie charts that can tell you how much calorie you need per day; this way you would know how much you should eat and stay fit.

6.      I need a treat:

Life today is getting so difficult, everyone is complaining about their workload and work pressures. And to cope with these pressure what people usually do is that they start eating. Emotional eating is very common. People think that eating their favorite foods can help them release their work pressure and keep them relax. But in reality it cannot, eating this way will make you feel overloaded, guilty and ultimately more stress.

Therefore, it’s better to control your emotions by doing some other fun activity such as watching your favorite movie or going for a walk etc.

7.      It’s my genes:

Another very common excuse to ditch the diet plan is by making your genes responsible for your body shape. It’s true that genetics to plan an important role in how your body looks but researches have shown that with control diet and exercise you can change it.

With constant workout and controlled diet, you can lose as much weight as you want and get any body shape that you want. So stop blaming and start doing stuff.